Lissenung Island Resort prides itself on supporting the local communities. We purchase the vast majority of our produce for meals at the local markets or from the locals directly. Almost daily, fishermen and other neighbours paddle over in their dugout canoes to sell us their wares. This ensures that the seafood and fruits are as fresh as possible. We also grow some veggies ourselves, but on a small sand island, the choices are a little limited.

We also pay reef fees to various communities, which goes towards the upkeep of communal facilities such as schools, aid posts, building supplies etc.

All our staff live on Enuk Island, which is the closest island to Lissenung and “our” community. A visit can be organised to have a look at the school and for a stroll through the village. It’s only a 5-minute boat ride away and the whole trip usually takes approx. 1.5 hours. A small fee of PGK 35.00 per person is charged and goes toward the upkeep of the school, which doesn’t get much government funding. Schoolbooks, tables, chairs and other material is purchased with this money. Feel free to bring along exercise books, pencils, cheap tennis balls and swimming goggles. These things are always a great hit with the kids!

The Staff at Lissenung

One of the most important ingredients at any dive resort is the staff, so please let us introduce the people of Lissenung Island Resort to you:

Dietmar Amon is the owner and director of Lissenung Island Resort. He is one of the most experienced and best dive guides in PNG. What he can’t find probably doesn’t exist. He is a PADI Staff Instructor and learned to dive in the freezing cold lakes of Austria. In 1996, he had enough of the cold and immigrated to PNG. Dietmar speaks English, German and Pidgin.

Ange Amon, a PADI and NAUI Instructor, helps Dietmar run the resort. Prior to coming to Lissenung Island, she has been working as an Instructor in Cairns, Australia for more than 11 years. Ange speaks ‘Australian’, German, Dutch and Pidgin.

Delsie’s been with Lissenung for eons, it’s been so long that it took her a long time to remember when she started. She is also one of our best cooks and a mother of two.

Damaris is another one of our cooks. She started working at Lissenung in 2008 and had to leave work for a while in 2013 to look after her newborn baby. She resumed back to work half way through 2014.

Sivani is our head room attendant. She is  very good at playing volleyball, and has been with Lissenung since 2008!

Lyn is the wife of Sake and has been with Lissenung since 2011. She then left work for a while to look after her newborn baby in 2013, and returned back to work as our room attendant in June 2014.

Tame started out as a handy man, then a boat driver and now he’s our divemaster. He’s been with Lissening for a long long time. He’s got some great stories he likes sharing with the guests and is quite the entertainer on the dive boat and on the volleyball court.

Here’s Benson, one of our skippers. He enjoys chatting with the guests and tends to get everyone around him psyched up, whether it’s on the dive boat or on the volleyball court. He likes climbing coconut trees, so if you ever want to drink kulau, Benson’s the man to look for.

Sinivas is also a skipper and starts off being really quiet, but wait till he relaxes a bit, then he becomes quite mischievous. He’s been with Lissenung since 2006.

Sake is our carpenter and has built most of the furniture you see at Lissenung. He is also very good at any other kind of handy work, and hates it when he is not busy.