The four bungalows are spread out over the island, giving guests plenty of privacy. Three of the bungalows house two rooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. The last bungalow is also houses two rooms, but they share one bathroom, which is located between the two rooms and is accessible from the verandah. As the island is only 350 x 80m (450 x 110yd), all bungalows are ocean-front.

The bungalows are built in traditional style and blend into their surroundings. The walls are made from woven bamboo, one side of the roof is thatched (Sago Palm leaves), the other side has corrugated iron to collect the rainwater we use for all our water supply. The roof collects the water and feeds it into a big water tank, and gas on-demand water heaters are installed to provide hot and cold water.

The rooms are fitted with a mosquito net over the bed, a ceiling fan, a large desk and a wardrobe. The windows don’t have glass, but are fitted with fly-screen to keep little creepy crawlies out and let the beautiful breeze in. This ensures that no air-conditioning is necessary. All bungalows also have a big verandah with comfortable chairs to relax in after diving.

The big desk in front of the window is ideal for photographers, giving them plentyof natural light to work by and ensure that all camera gear is ready for the nextdive. There are a number of power points (240V, Australian socket) in each room and together with 24-hour electricity, they ensure that batteries can be rechargedat all times.The rooms are serviced daily. All linen, towels, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are provided.