Learn to dive at Lissenung


If you are thinking of learning to SCUBA dive, there is no better place to do so than Kavieng, PNG. The water is generally very calm, the water temperature ranges from 28 – 30 degrees Celsius / 82 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit, making this an ideal training ground for the PADI Open Water dive course, and with small numbers, personal attention is guaranteed.

Kavieng has a reputation for difficult conditions and that you need to be very experienced. Although some of our dive sites do indeed require that you have a few dives under your belt, there are many that are ideal for diver training. After all, we have nearly 40 dive sites to chose from!

The course is made up of three components: Classroom theory, pool training and 4 open water dives. This usually takes 3 – 4 days, depending on how much studying you have managed to do before you arrive here.

Here at Lissenung Island Resort, you have three options to become a PADI Open Water diver:

Complete the entire course with Lissenung Diving:
Approx. two days in the classroom, although our classroom is a traditionally built restaurant with sand floor. This is combined with 5 pool session, whereby once again, our pool is not a conventional pool, but rather the shallow waters off the beach in front of the island. Lots of fish will be watching you, making this not quite such a boring event as a traditional pool session, where the only thing you can count are the tiles of the pool.

Once you have mastered the required skills in our “house reef pool”, it’s off into deeper water for the open water training dives. A small wreck in form of a yacht is usually the last and certifying dive and quite an exciting one for our new divers!

One student: PGK 1,560.00* per person
2+ students: PGK 1,310.00* per person

– PADI Open Water certification
– PADI Open Water manual
– 1 Passport photo for your certification card
– Dive logbook
– All dive equipment, incl. dive computer, for the duration of the course
– Classroom and pool sessions plus 4 open water dives


PADI Referral program:
Save time in paradise and complete the classroom and pool sessions at home. All PADI dive schools offer this option, and most of them do this also on weekends. You will generally only require one weekend/2 days to complete the classroom and pool sessions, saving 2 days of your holiday! Instead of sitting in our “classroom”, bring your referral paperwork from any PADI dive school, just complete the 4 training dives and be a diver sooner, so you can enjoy some real fun dives after your certification!

Cost: PGK 960.00* per person, any number of students.

– PADI Open Water certification
– 1 Passport photo for your certification card
– Dive logbook
– All dive equipment, incl. dive computer for the duration of the course
– 4 open water dives

Important information for all courses:

  • Some medical conditions will prevent you from diving. Some of the more common conditions are Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy and heart or lung conditions. Pregnancy is also a contraindication to diving. Some other medical conditions may also be a problem. Please have a look at the PADI Medical Statement. If you answer Yes to any of the questions, please see a diving doctor and have a proper diving medical completed. You must then bring the medical with you to be able to complete the course. If you do not answer Yes to any of the questions, you do not need to consult a doctor, but may still like to do so for your own peace of mind.

  • The minimum age to participate in this course is 12. There is no maximum age.

  • It is a course requirement that you be able to swim 200 metres and tread water/float for 10 minutes.

  • An Environment and Safety Fee of PGK 17.00 will be charged per person per dive day (for the open water dives and any pleasure diving after certification only). This amount helps fund the re-compression facility in Port Moresby as well as environmental programs throughout PNG. This is not an insurance and does neither cover evacuation nor chamber treatment. For proper dive accident insurance, Lissenung Diving strongly recommends DAN (Divers Alert Network) Insurance.

Flying After Diving: PADI and DAN (Divers Alert Network) recommend that you do not fly for at least 18 hours after diving. Our two morning dives finish at around 1 pm, and since most flights out of Kavieng are at the bright and early time of 6am, you will need to have at least one day of relaxing before flying out.

Lissenung Diving also offers Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Divemaster and a number of Specialty courses. Just e-mail us for info and prices on any of those.

All courses can be taught in English and German.