We head to Kavieng by boat, where we change mode of transport and hop into our mini van for a ride down the Boluminsky Highway. The drive takes us along some stunning coastal scenery, with some awesome reef breaks during the surf season. Our first stop is at Poliamba Oil Palm Plantation, where we will have a quick look at the plantation. It’s amazing to find out how the vegetable oil we use in the kitchen is actually made!

After a small snack, we will be on our way to Cathy’s Eelfarm at Laraibina Village. It’s not actually a farm in the true sense, just Cathy’s house right next to a freshwater stream that connects with the ocean and where freshwater eels hang out until they give birth. These animals can grow up to 1.20 metre in length and are silky smooth. We hand-feed them canned tuna, and while they munch away, you can actually pet them.

Depending on time and the group, we might head down to Fissoa Village for a quick and very refreshing swim and lunch, before slowly making our way back to Kavieng and Lissenung Island. If we are lucky, the school kids at Fissoa, which is a vocational training centre, will show us their skills on the ropes above the water.

Cost per person: POA