Rates at Lissenung



  Room Type
Price per person per night
  Budget single, semi-ensuite bathroom, incl. meals
PGK 490.00
  Standard Single, ensuite bathroom, incl. meals
PGK 630.00
  Budget Double/Twin, semi-ensuite bathroom, incl. meals
PGK 450.00
  Standard Double/Twin, ensuite bathroom, incl. meals
PGK 490.00
  Return Airport Transfers
PGK 120.00
Price per person
  1 Boat dive per day
PGK 260.00
  2 Boat dives per day
PGK 430.00
 3 Boat dives per day
PGK 560.00
  Night Dive (house reef, without guide)
PGK 75.00
  Night Dive (house reef, with guide)
PGK 112.00
  Environment & Safety Fee
PGK 20.00/day
  Gear Hire
PGK 65.00/day
Price per person per day
  Surf Transfer
PGK 260.00
  Snorkel on our house reef
free of charge
  Half day snorkel boat trip, incl. snacks
PGK 145.00
  Half day fishing trip, incl. 25l petrol and snacks
PGK 415.00
  Full day fishing trip, incl. 50 l petrol and lunch
PGK 760.00
  Half day Village/Island Tour (min 2 pax)
PGK 150.00
  Full day Village/Island Tour (min 2 pax)
PGK 230.00

Prices are valid until 31 March 2021 and are subject to change without notice.


      • Accommodation rates include all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
      • All rates are per person.
      • Prices are applicable for bookings and payment made from outside PNG. Any bookings made whilst in PNG are subject to 10% GST.
      • Minimum age for guests is 12 years.
      • Diving:
        • Dives include boat trips, tanks, weights, dive guide and beverages/snacks on board.
        • Divers staying on Lissenung Island have the opportunity to do free shore diving on our house reef during daytime hours (until 6pm).
        • Lissenung Island Resort is a member of the PNG Divers Association (PNGDA). Under the conditions of our membership, divers have to pay a PNG Divers Association “Environment & Safety Fee” of PGK 20.00 per person per dive day. This amount helps funding the decompression facility in Port Moresby as well as environmental programs throughout PNG as organized by the PNGDA.
          This is not an insurance and does neither cover evacuation nor chamber treatment.
        • Reef fees to the traditional resource/reef owners are paid on a per diver per dive basis by Lissenung Island Resort. This fee will NOT be collected from our guests.
        • A Memorandum of Understanding between the dive operators and traditional reef owners has been signed, which includes issues such as fees to be paid, looking after the reef and its inhabitants and much more.
        • For proper dive accident insurance Lissenung Diving strongly recommends insurance through Divers Alert Network (DAN). Click here to find out more about DAN insurance.
        • We have great group booking specials, please contact us for more information.
      • Surfing:
        • Surf Transfers include boat trips, guide and beverages/snacks on board.
        • A “Surf Reef Fee” of K 25.00 is charged per surfer per surf day. This fee goes entirely to the communities where we surf and helps with school, aid post and similar projects.
        • No other surf fees are charged.