Want to surf uncrowded waves and surf breaks? Want to be one of only a handful of surfers, experiencing tropical reef surfing, warm waters, extraordinary culture and exceptional service?

New Ireland is famous for fantastic diving, but the surfing here is pretty good, too! With swell generally ranging from 2 – 6ft, and sometimes even 8ft, you won’t get Hawaii like surf, but it’s a lot less crowded, too, as the breaks we go to are not visited by any other surf operator (Ral Island and Senta Pass are the only exceptions). Lissenung Island Resort itself is a small resort, with a maximum of only 14 guests at any given time, so that’s the maximum number of surfers you will come across. Special agreements with the resource owners ensure that all breaks can be surfed at any time.

The level of difficulty varies, depending on the size of the swell and the direction it comes from. Lissenung Island is close to some well known surf spots, such as Ral Island and Senta Pass, as well as newer breaks at Bangatan, Nusalomon and Lemus Islands. Special agreements with the resource owners ensure that all breaks can be surfed at any time. Ral Island is virtually in our backyard, so we are generally the first surfers to arrive each morning.

Lissenung Island Resort does not offer instructions, but we will get you to the best surf breaks on the day in one of our 3 boats. Our guides will ensure that you get out there and experience the best tropical reef surfing in uncrowded surroundings. Surf transfers are charged at PGK 260.00* per person per day, which includes snacks and beverages as well as our guide. A surf fee of PGK 25.00 per surfer per surf day is also charged, which will go entirely to the local communities where we surf.

* Prices are applicable for bookings and payment made from outside PNG. Any bookings made whilst in PNG are subject to 10% GST.

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Please ensure that you bring along not only your board(s), but also all necessary accessories and service/repair kits. The sun is very strong up here, so make sure you bring proper sun protection such as lycra shirts, a big hat and at least 30+ sunscreen. Reef shoes may also come in handy.