Kavieng’s WWII Wrecks (by Don Silcock)
Although it played second fiddle to their huge naval base in nearby Rabaul, Kavieng in New Ireland was in fact a very strategic location for the invading Japanese forces in World War II as they fought to gain complete control of Papua New Guinea and prepare for the invasion of Australia. More

Island Life (by Bob Halstead)
“Forget the underwater shots – make sure you get me a photo of the Parrot! Nina Joost of Diversion Dive Travel, Cairns, laughed to me after organising my trip to Lissenung Island, at Kavieng. More

Lovely Lissenung – WWF Coral Triange Photo Expedition (by Stella Chiu-Freund)
We totally adored our three weeks in Lissenung. We were so much at home it was LIKE being home. More

Discovering new horizons (by Imi Simpson-Mowday)
We were accommodated in a beautiful, secluded, en-suite room decked out with scented flowers. Each day at Lissenung was tranquil bliss. The small island is covered in soft green vegetation and palm trees whilst tended gardens screen the wooden bungalows. More

Papua New Guinea – The land of the unexpected (by Gaby Zimmermann Nenadal)
What seems to be one of those tourism slogans (by the way, it is the official slogan of Papua New Guinea tourism) is actually true: from wallabies dropping in at dinner time, barking parrots or the Royal Australian Airforce paying a visit – you can have it all in PNG. More

A dream realised (by Bill Silvester)
The Lissenung Island experience truly was “A Dream Realised”. More

Lissenung – Remote treasure (by Ann Storrie)
The early days days of exploratory diving around Lissenung would have been very exciting. More

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