Approximately 2/3 of Lissenung Island is surrounded by a beautiful reef, providing ample opportunity for snorkelling right off the beach, in some cases even almost from your front door.

We guard our house reef well and the surrounding fishermen know it, so they don’t come to fish on “our” reef. The result? A very well stocked reef, with more than 350 different species of fish. And it’s not a matter of one fish per species, but loads of them. In addition to the fish on our fish list, the reef seems to be a kindergarten for sharks, as we often see juvenile reef sharks. Some of them come right up into the shallows, but as they are only 50cm long, there is nothing to worry about!
Turtles are also regular visitors here and even octopus and moray eels can be spotted! All this no further than 20 metres from you room

For a small fee, and space permitting, snorkellers can also accompany the divers on the boat for some snorkelling. Many of our dive sites are very well suited for snorkelling, with shallow reef tops and little or no current. However, some of the dive sites experience strong currents or are a bit too deep for the snorkellers to see anything, so these trips depend on where the divers are planning on going on the day.

We can also organise a dedicated snorkel boat to take you out to one of the great snorkelling reefs, such as Ral Island or Matrix Reef. The reefs there are shallow, colourful and generally without any current. Especially Ral is great, as there is a shallow lagoon with beautiful turquoise water and a small, uninhabited island that you can circumnavigate in about 2 minutes.

Snorkeling rates:

 House reef Free of charge
 Joining the dive boat PGK 230.00 per person per day
 Dedicated snorkel boat POA
 Snorkel gear hire PGK 45.00 per person per day

Prices are applicable for bookings and payment made from outside PNG. Any bookings made whilst in PNG are subject to 10% GST.

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